First Time Clients

We understand that leaving your rehabilitation unit for the first time can be an anxious experience and, naturally, you and your loved ones might be worried about what your new daily routine may look like.

Our Registered Nurse-led specialist service means you can be confident in our abilities to provide you with a team of competent Personal Assistants who will be fully trained to assist you in any clinical needs you may have. Not only that, we will also ensure your team is hand-picked according to your wants and needs so you feel comfortable in the presence of your new team of staff.

We believe in empowering our spinal clients to make their own, informed decisions, which is why you, and your loved ones, can be as involved as you like when recruiting your team of Personal Assistants. From helping us write the job adverts, to meeting suitable candidates face-to-face or via Microsoft Teams before they are hired, we are fully open to any discussion regarding the recruitment of your new team.